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Want to Learn about St Ethelbert?

St Ethelbert is our patron saint - we have a full section on his life, influence and legacy.


Parish Council Minutes

Full details of the parish council meetings, agenda and minutes can be found here.



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News & Events

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Our latest newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here (05/06/2016).

Last weeks newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here (29/05/2016).

Parish Room on Sunday

Why not join us in the parish room for coffee/tea/biscuits after 11-00am mass on Sunday. !!! NO CHARGE !!! although donations are gratefully received.

The generous donations over the past year have enabled us to donate : £200 towards the new nativity figures, £100 towards the new sound system, Purchase a new Hoover to clean the church Why not join us this Sunday?

Looking for Fundraising?

If you are looking for fundraising events then please click here.

Sacremental Programme

This year's sacremental program can be found here.