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Getting Involved

St Ethelbert

St Ethelbert’s Parish

How you can get involved in the life of our Parish Community.

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You are invited to make the life of the Church a part of your life too.

To make it possible for everyone to attend Church on Sundays, we have decided to call the following Sunday - “No Excuse Sunday”.

We will have beds available at the back of Church for those who say: “Sunday is my only day to sleep in...”

There will be a special section with lounge chairs and recliners for those who think the pews are too hard and uncomfortable.

Eye drops will be available for those with tired eyes from the glare of late TV viewing.

We will give out crash helmets to those who say: “The roof would cave in if I ever came back to Church”.

Woolly blankets will be distributed for those who think that the Church is cold and drafty, and individual fans will be distributed to those who say it is too hot and stuffy.

One area of the Church will be devoted to trees and grass for those who prefer to seek God in nature.

Doctors and paramedics will be in attendance to those who plan to be sick on Sunday.

We will provide hearing aids for those who can’t hear the priest, and ear plugs for those who can.

Hope to see you next Sunday at St Ethelbert’s! Catholics can always come home!

Celebration Times

During the Week
There is the Celebration of Holy Mass every day of the week: Mondays to Fridays at 9.00am; and on Saturdays at 12 Noon. The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is from 11.15am until 11.50am on Saturday. During that half-hour there is also Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and time for personal prayer in silence.

On Sundays
The Parish has three times for the Celebration of Holy Mass on Sundays: At 9.30am, at 11.00am and at 7.00pm

Baptisms and Weddings
These should be arranged directly with the priest beforehand, by contacting Fr Duncan on 01204 62653. Baptisms should take place within seven months after birth of the child. Arrangements for marriages need to take place six months before the suggested date for the wedding.

Sick and Housebound
In times of sickness or when anyone is in need, please contact the Parish and we will help you to the best of our ability.

I dont want to change

“The Church today needs a mature laity, who are committed to their faith”.

Blessed Pope John Paul II


Picture of St Ethelberts Church

The Parish offers formation in the FAITH and CATECHISM

You can get involved in our Team of Catechists, who help prepare our Primary School children for the Sacraments of First Confession, Confirmation and First Holy Communion. The Catechism Team meet during the year to plan events.


Picture of girl


We also organise two Marriage Courses in the year, called “Love for a lifetime”. These comprise of four meetings to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Marriage.



Usually twice in the year, there is the opportunity to meet together and learn more about the Catholic Faith. This Course is called “Welcome”. Couples from the Parish will be leading the Course of five weekly meetings. This is particularly valuable for those thinking about becoming a Catholic or want a “refresher”.

The Parish offers ways to get involved in CELEBRATION and LITURGY

You can become a Lector and read the Holy Scripture during Holy Mass on Sundays or during the week. We also have a team of Eucharistic Ministers, who distribute Holy Communion during Mass and visit the sick on a regular basis.



There is a team of Sacristans who prepare everything for Mass and also a team of Altar Servers with young people from our High Schools and Primary Schools.



Another way to get involved is to help with the flower arranging in the Church. Our how about coming every month and giving the Church a good clean with our team of Church Cleaners. Our Parish Families also organise the Children’s Liturgy [The ICHTUS Club] at the 11.00am Mass every Sunday, except school holidays.


The Parish has Groups where you can share PARISH LIFE


St Ethelbert’s has a well- established Ladies Group, who meet once a month for different social events and support the Parish in different ways. This Group also co-ordinates the refreshments after the 11am Mass on Sundays.


Are you good at fund-raising? This Group plans social and fund- raising events for the Parish throughout the year, including the Christmas Fayre, PAnnual Parish Dinner, Quiz Nights, etc.



St Ethelbert’s has its own Parish Pastoral Council, where parishioners come together and find new ways of serving the needs of the Parish. There is also a St Vincent de Paul Society that helps and reaches out to those in the Parish, who are in need of some support or help. Are you a good singer or a musician? Why don’t you get involved with our Music Ministry? We have a team of organists, guitar players, flute plays and singers who support the liturgy. Or what about “Bell Ringing”?


The Parish is proud of its PRIMARY SCHOOLS of St Ethelbert and St Bernard

Our Parish Community has two Primary Schools, where our Catholic ethos is lived and formed. Parishioners can get involved in becoming School Governors who support the life and management of the School.



There are many ways and initiatives which help to create life in our Parish. We would love you to get involved and become a part of our Community.

Apart from the the various groups described here, we also need your new ideas and initiatives. Don’t wait to be asked - make the first step! Welcome to St Ethelbert’s!