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Ladies Group Meetings

The ladies group meet on a regular basis in the Parish as scheduled in the rota below. We have mass with Fr. Duncan at 7.30pm followed by a meeting in the Parish Room. Occasionally we do not have the mass but have a trip out. We will be posting the activities and notes from each meeting on the site.

In addition to this we arrange a rota for ladies that volunteer to serve tea and coffee after 11.00 am mass on Sunday; again this will be published shortly.

Date Activity
Jan 27th (Fri) -  Dinner at Deane Golf Club
Feb 27th (Tues) - Memorabilia!!
March 27th (Tues) - Candles Demo by Patricia
April 24th (Tues) - Fun Evening (Card Bingo)
May 29th (Tues) - Talk On Marie Curie Nursing Care
June 27th (Weds) - Trip Out TBA
July 31st (Tues) - Talk By Police Chaplain
Aug - No Meeting
Sept 25th (Tues) - Cheese & Wine / Bring n Buy
Oct 30th (Tues) - Talk on Schoenstatt by Fr. Duncan
Nov 27th (Tues) - "Candles" - Hands on With Patricia
Dec 18th (Tues) - Christmas Treats

For further information please contact Pat Brown by email on a.m.p.brown(at)

Can you put the following in the Ladies Group section of the web page ---


 Our last meeting in the Parish Room was May 31st , so we were looking forward to a pleasant evening and a good chat.


   A very good turnout confirmed our welcome return.


   As Father Duncan was away, Father Brian kindly offerred to celebrate Mass for us.


    Our 'Jam and Jewelry' lady - Eileen - was a great success, having an extensive    sales counter with home-made jam and an assortment of jewelry - all at very reasonable prices!


    Business was brisk and we received a bonus on sales of 20% --  £30.00 - which we returned  to Eileen to donate to her special charitiy - Cancer Research.



    Our next meeting in October is always very popular - Cheese and Wine evening --


     I wonder why ?